Monday, June 26, 2006

Still in pain...

Sorry not much updating... The neck/shoulder thing is still in the process of (hopefully) being resolved, so still no crochet for me... I also haven't been sewing much, just because of lack of time & been busy doing other things instead. I did start a pair of pants, but I have since discovered that I sewed them together wrong and have to rip a large part of it apart... FUN!!! lol...

I'm going to try to update Jen's Stuffed Toy Archive again soon. It's becoming harder for me to find new patterns to add, so it would really be appreciated if any of you know of any links I don't have that you would let me know! Plus I don't always have time to just browse thru the knitting & crochet forums, especially since it makes me sad that I can't make things right now!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Hey, so, I finally got back to sewing a little bit! My husband's cousin is graduating from highschool this month, so I made her a bag/purse as a present:

Not sure why my camera left a streak across the top... It's a cruddy camera. Some day I hope to be able to buy a nice one!

It was a Simplicity "It's So Easy It's Simplicity" pattern, #4625: