Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Sock Monkey!!

I made this bag to go with the sock monkey set:

I got the idea from a bag I saw on the internet, and modified this pattern to make it: Jewel Box Drawstring Bag

If I made another drawstring bag, tho, I would do the drawstrings a different way; to close this one you can't just pull it shut - you have to fiddle with it until it closes... Oh well!

The baby shower was today, so I got to give my sis-in-law the set! She loved it!! :-D

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Charity Items

I've been making some things for preemies; there's a woman collecting knit & crochet blankets, hats, & booties for preemies for the March of Dimes - they're for care packages they give to the mothers. Here are a few things I've made so far:

One blankets, some hats, and a couple pairs of booties.

Close-up of one of the hats and the white booties.

I thought that hat pattern was just adorable when I found it online! The first pair of booties I made (the pink ones) I think are too big for preemies; I had to change yarn and hook size to make them small enough. I'm going to be making more; I've started a second blanket (it's granny-square style this time). It's a great use for the massive amount of yarn I have sitting around that I don't know what to do with.

Patterns I Used:

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sock Monkeys!!

I made the sock monkey set from the Happy Hooker book for my sister-in-law as a baby shower gift. Her and my brother-in-law are obsessed with monkeys :-)


For the matching sweater I used this pattern.

Also, I'm working on re-doing the toy archive website so it's easier for me to update. The new format will also allow you guys to search it!! Not sure how much longer it will be until it's up and running, but wanted to give you all a heads up! :-D

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Crocheting Again!

Well I got back into crochet this week!!! I've been crazy bored. A couple of weeks ago we moved to Indy. Donovan started his "real" job, I switched jobs within the transcription company I work for at home, and I'm stuck home all day. I've been trying to find a knitting/crochet group in the area, and found a couple of possibilities that I'm going to check out. I need to meet people!!!

So anyways, I finally finished my dad's Chicago Bears pillow as a late Father's Day present for him!!

The flash kind of washed out the blue, but yeah. I think it turned out pretty nice!! :-D

Oh, and I made myself a new username over at deviantArt just for my craft stuff!! Click HERE to see it. :-)

I am also making the sock monkey inspired baby blanket & hat set from Happy Hooker!!! I also found a baby sweater pattern online and made one to match the set! I'm going to be an AUNT this fall!! My brother & sister-in-law like monkeys, so I thought it would be a perfect present. :-D