Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Sock Monkey!!

I made this bag to go with the sock monkey set:

I got the idea from a bag I saw on the internet, and modified this pattern to make it: Jewel Box Drawstring Bag

If I made another drawstring bag, tho, I would do the drawstrings a different way; to close this one you can't just pull it shut - you have to fiddle with it until it closes... Oh well!

The baby shower was today, so I got to give my sis-in-law the set! She loved it!! :-D


Shelly said...

Hey Jen,
Your stuff is always amazing! You're very talented!
My e-mail address is currently.. this is my primary e-mail addy *_*

Shelly said...

Hi Jen

Your sock monkey bag is sooo adoreable!

Rae Byuel said...

Very Cute Sock Monkey bag!!