Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Creative Limits (or Horizons)

Stole this from Ladylinolem's blog. I won't tag anybody, but you can steal it, too, if you like!

1. I have no interest in the following activities:
basketry (I had a bit of interest as a kid, but not anymore), participating in choirs (horrible stage fright), pottery (have done it, but it's just not my thing; I like to look at it, tho; this and this guys' works are awesome!), ice sculpture, spinning, hand-felting, lace making, wood carving/woodworking (again, not my thing, but neat to see other peoples' work!), leather working, marquetry, doll-making, play writing, acting, public speaking, welding/steel sculpture (hated doing this stuff in school...), large sculpture making of any kind, upholstery, flower arranging, mask making (tho this artist's masks are amazing!), digital collage, video game design, beading (did some as a kid, tho)

2. Would love to try these things:
tapestry weaving (have done some basic weaving), artistic/applique quilting, glassblowing (maybe, but it looks pretty scary to me), stained-glass, Precious Metal Clay, dying, batiking, carved candles, making my own cabachons (too scared to try faceted stones, tho!), Flash animation (if only I could figure out the stupid program, argh!), photography

3. I do or have dabbled in these things:
embroidery (I stink at it), weaving (floor loom), tatting (failed miserably), stamping & scrapbooking, sewing, painting (oil, acrylic, watercolor), serigraphy (artistic screenprinting), lithography, other printmaking techniques (intaglio, woodcut, monoprinting, etc.), chainmaille, felting (the kind where you make something out of wool yarn and throw it in the washing machine), latch hooking, origami, bookmaking, baking, cake decorating (would love to do more), graphic design, writing, Scherenschnitte, Celtic knotwork (at one point this would have been under #4; still up there, but I had to cut it off somewhere, and I don't do it much anymore), digital painting, one-stroke decorative painting (yes, I know... in highschool I had a connection with a basketmaker, where I painted on the baskets they made and sold)

4. Love it! These are my things:
jewelry making and metalsmithing (fabrication, lost wax casting, enameling, wire-working, chain making, etc.; not beaded jewelry - that isn't my thing), drawing, crochet, knitting, cross-stitch

I'm sure I forgot something. I'm always on the lookout for something new to try! :-) Sometimes I discover I hate it, sometimes I find something new that I love! But hopefully this tells you a little bit more about me!


ladylinoleum said...

I've taken a lot of jewelry making classes in my time. I really am not that good, but I always loved the casting process. I think that's so cool that you have a BFA in metals! That's awesome!

shelly said...

Hey Jen, how do you get a template such as the Hobbit one that you have?...I've tried looking at some others but I don't know quite how to do so.

Anonymous said...

i took a class in glass blowing it was cool. you just have pay attention to what your holding and who is around you. i liked the class alot and would love to take another someday

PROLIX de Normandie said...


I'm a french artist.

How are you?


{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}