Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"Pattern" for Patrick

I've been asked about a pattern for the stuffed Patrick that I made. Here is where I got the instructions; you have to go to page 2. It's more guidelines, really, so if you're the kind of person who needs to have step-by-step instructions, I can't help you out... sorry... But he was really easy to make, so I would suggest trying anyways!

Monday, January 16, 2006


So I haven't done any crochet since I finished all of my Christmas presents. Largely because I'm a bit burnt out, but lately because I am sick... I am fighting off bronchitis...

Someone asked me about the fish that I made for my dad and whether I made it up. I got the pattern from a booklet called "Hooked On Fish."

Sorry I don't have more to update...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Okay, so now that Christmas is over I can post pics of things that were Christmas presents :)

I made my brother a stuffed Taz. Let me tell you, he was a PAIN IN THE BUTT to make! But he turned out AWESOME! The pattern came out of a booklet called "Looney Tunes Bugs & Pals To Crochet." If I ever feel ambitious I might make the other three, lol (it has Bugs, Tweety, & Sylvester in it, too).

Remember how I made Lynnea that Spongebob halter top? (If you didn't see it, you should go back to the post here.) Well, I made her a stuffed Patrick to go with! It came from a set of guidelines that I saved to my computer and can no longer find on the internet; I'm pretty sure I found it at Crochetville, but I've tried searching and cannot find it. If anyone knows the link, let me know so I can share. Mine is smaller than the one that person made. He was pretty easy to make!

I also made a bag for Lynnea's mom, Bianca (my husband's cousin). I used the Honeycomb Crochet Purse pattern, and you'd THINK that since it's off of Joann.com that it would be a good pattern, right? WRONG! It is SO confusing, and the pattern omits things that should be repeated, so I had to do a lot of frogging and figuring out of myself... It turned out neat, but GEEZ... You have been forewarned if you try it! I skipped the top button/loop thing. The texture makes it really neat, tho, and it's really thick!

I also made some red & white dishcloths & a strawberry potholder for my grandmother; she says the dishcloths are too nice to use, tho, lol. I don't have pics of those to show, sorry! And I've already shown pics of the heart motif doily coasters I made for my mom, but I'll post that pic again cuz it's been a little while:

I also made a green hat for Scott, Bianca's husband, using this pattern.

I've decided that I'm gonna stick to stuff for me for a little while. I still have to finish my afghan, and I'm still in-progress on a couple of tops I started making. I might not do much for a bit, tho, just because I'm a bit burnt out after all of the rush to get Christmas stuff done!