Thursday, July 05, 2007

Crocheting Again!

Well I got back into crochet this week!!! I've been crazy bored. A couple of weeks ago we moved to Indy. Donovan started his "real" job, I switched jobs within the transcription company I work for at home, and I'm stuck home all day. I've been trying to find a knitting/crochet group in the area, and found a couple of possibilities that I'm going to check out. I need to meet people!!!

So anyways, I finally finished my dad's Chicago Bears pillow as a late Father's Day present for him!!

The flash kind of washed out the blue, but yeah. I think it turned out pretty nice!! :-D

Oh, and I made myself a new username over at deviantArt just for my craft stuff!! Click HERE to see it. :-)

I am also making the sock monkey inspired baby blanket & hat set from Happy Hooker!!! I also found a baby sweater pattern online and made one to match the set! I'm going to be an AUNT this fall!! My brother & sister-in-law like monkeys, so I thought it would be a perfect present. :-D


Amber said...

Fantastic! Do you still have the chart for this? My dad would love this if you are willing to share the chart.