Saturday, February 03, 2007

Scarf Finished & Other Projects!!

I finished my cabled scarf last week, and I love it! I've been wearing it every day :-)

I was taking quick pictures, so please excuse the sucky focus, but here's a close-up of the cabling:

I've started working on a cabled blanket that is on the cover of the book Cables Untangled:

Who knows how long it will take me to finish it, but I think it's gorgeous :-) I'm doing it in a kind of dusky green color:

I'm also working on the Exchange Bag from the book Happy Hooker:

I pretty much just have to do the handles now! :-)

What do you guys think of my new blog layout? I'm gonna try to put some of the extra info stuff that was on here before up somewhere, but I have to have time to fiddle with it first, lol...


Anonymous said...

this site to me is harder to understand then the old one