Thursday, October 20, 2005


EDIT: I realized that I didn't put the links to the pictures like I said I was going to...

Oh my gosh, the sale did AWESOME! We sold $290 in items, making $94 for Breast Cancer Research! I'm so excited! :-D I myself sold the most things; I made $93 after you take out the money for the fundraiser! :-D I feel kind of bad for the person who didn't sell anything (even tho she only entered 4 things). I'm not gonna tell the people in the club how much I made myself, cuz I majorly blew away everyone else in the sale, lol... I'm not sure quite how...? Oh well, it makes me happy! :-D Some of the things I thought would sell didn't, and some of the things I DIDN'T think would sell did. LOL...

So, the things I sold (click on links to see photos of the things):

(sorry the photo isn't too great; I had to snap a photo of it kind of quickly, lol...)
I got the pattern for this here; there is a bumble bee purse, too! They're called "Handbugs", lol. I didn't use the fuzzy yarn, and I had to make up my own dots because of it, but I think it turned out really cute :)

I started an afghan today. I know, do I really need another project right now? I've decided that I should make one, tho, and who knows how long it will take me, but I'll just work on it inbetween other projects. It's going to be a Granny Ripple afghan :)


Anonymous said...

that is awesome Jen!!! :) good job. wish i had the patience to crochet.. :)


Anonymous said...

Great sale!!!! Great effort for a good cause. I enjoy reading about all of it. Hope to see you Thanksgiving. Love, Gma

Wendy said...

Congrats on your sale! I think all your items are awesome. I absolutely love your headscarves =) Nice work on all your crochet items. They're all very well done. I especially like your hats =)


Anonymous said...

hello from france, just to say, that I love that purse !
brigitte -