Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pillows and K&C Club

I started ANOTHER new project yesterday, lol. I just keep seeing cool things that I want to make! They're Spike Stitch Pillows. I'm making them in 3 shades of blue to go with the living room.

Tomorrow night is the first meeting of Knitting & Crochet Club for the Fall semseter! Emily said that she got TONS of people's names & e-mail addresses at the Activity Fair last Saturday. She's a bit worried what'll happen if they ALL come, lol. I'm sure only a fraction will actually come, and only a fraction of those people will come regularly. But hopefully we'll pick up a few cool new people! I love to go and sit around and chat with everyone and show off all the stuff we've made. I have lots of stuff to show them that I made over the summer! :-D I don't know if I'll actually get to do any of my own work the first meeting, tho. I'm sure I'm going to be designated a crochet teacher, haha. I have to make a bag full of scrap yarn for people to use, since not everyone will bring stuff. I'm thinking of buying some of those cheapo plastic hooks to let people borrow, cuz I don't want to let them take my aluminum hooks and possibly never give them back...