Monday, September 19, 2005


So I found a bunch of crocheted flower patterns, and I've made two daffodils:

The stems were a PAIN. I bought floral wire stems and some of that floral tape, and the tape was all sticky and annoying, so I coated them with a thin layer of glue. The center part of the daffodils isn't as 3D as I would've liked. Oh well!

In other news, I talked to Emily (the K&C Club president), and she agrees with me about the name for the sale, and we are going to change it. Yay!


Jill said...

Those are cute! Hmmm...have you thought about making an entire bouquet of crochet flowers? That would be a neat gift idea.

Gma said...

Glad you changed the name of your sale. Great flowers. Dishcloths out of cotton yarn are great sellers. Enjoy reading your blog. Love, Gma

Vik said...

I like your flowers very much!
I can imagine more of them in different colours, all together! Very pretty!