Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Magazines and K&C Club Sale

So I sent in a little while ago for a free issue of Crochet! magazine to see what it was like. It is awesome! It is totally packed with patterns! So I've signed up for a years subscription *grin* Hopefully it will be as wonderful as I think it will be! There's a dress called "Nightfall" in this issue that I'd like to think I'll make some day, and I'd like to try making the curling ribbon flowers.

So the K&C Club has set up a date for our next sale. It has been decided that we are going to give a percentage of the money to breast cancer research. Guess what they've decided to call it? "Knits for Tits"... No, this was not voted in, it was one of those spur of the moment jokes that someone decided to keep. I personally think it's a bit offensive. Donovan felt it was very offensive, and said that if he had a friend or family member with breast cancer he would be very offended and upset. What do you guys think? I think I'm gonna try to broach this topic with the club president, since she's one of my good friends... I don't think they'll change it, tho. Despite the derogatory name, and even tho I'll feel ashamed to sit behind the table running it, it is for a good cause so I am making some things. I've gone thru my patterns to find some simple things I can make up quick, because I don't have time to make any more major things. Today I whipped out a couple of headscarves (in solid colors, tho, not multi-colored like in the photo for the pattern). They each only took me a little over an hour. I'm gonna make more of them. I'm also thinking of trying a hacky sack, and if it's not too hard I'll make a few more, cuz I'm almost positive those would sell. We have some avid hacky-sackers in the art department here! If I have time I might also make some simple stuffed animals, like the Amigurumi Bunny & the Hello Kitty doll. If I can figure out where to buy flax seed I might make some Comfort Packs. I dunno how much of this I'll actually get done, but we shall see.

My shoulder is still bothering me... I really need to go into the health center, but I'm afraid I'm gonna sit in the waiting room for 90 minutes to have them just give me a pain killer and say to wait it out, even tho it's been 5 1/2 weeks since it started hurting & it isn't any better... I should drag myself in their tomorrow before my painting class... I need to pick up a prescription anyways... *sigh* I want it not to hurt when I crochet! I could get SO much more done...


The Shrone said...

Hi Jen, you stopped by my blog (Homeburrough) and asked about the crocheted carnation pattern. It is available from for $1.99 or $2.99.

Thanks for stopping by!