Saturday, September 24, 2005

More flea market finds!

Hubby & I decided to check out a nearby flea market, and I hit the jackpot with crochet magazines/booklets! There were TWO stalls with them, and one had a corner FULL of them. I sat there all happy looking through them for quite a while :) Found some good stuff.

  • Coat's & Clark's "Baby Fashions to Knit & Crochet", Book No. 191 (co. 1969) - lots of cute baby patterns

  • Woman's Day "Granny Squares" (1974) - this one has a lot of promising patterns in it! :)

  • "Smart Crochet: Fashions & Home Decorating" (1955) - more cute baby patterns

  • "Modern Needlecraft" (Fall/Winter 1966) - has a cute top and some cute baby things

  • "Woman's World Knit & Crochet" (Spring 1973) - has a cute top I want to modify

  • "Smart Crochet" (1953) - more cute baby things

  • Leisure Arts "Christmas Stockings for the Family", Leaflet 301 (1984)

  • Leisure Arts "Crocheted Potholders", Leaflet 281 (1983) - some really cute potholders, including a chicken, a pig, an apple w/ a worm, a rainbow, slice of watermelon, a heart, and a few more

I'm quite thrilled :) Now I just need time and my shoulder to heal! LOL :)

There was another woman who came in and was looking for poncho patterns to make for her grandaughter. She didn't have time to stay and look thru them all like I was, so I told her to ask her daughter to look up patterns on the internet, and told her to have her pull up, and she wrote it down. Hopefully she'll find some things she likes :)