Friday, September 02, 2005

First Swap!

I signed up for my first swap yesterday! I'm doing the purse/tote swap at Crochetville. I thought it would be really cool :) We don't get our assignments until October 1st, tho, so I have some waiting to do. By then my shoulder should be all better and I can work on stuff! It hasn't hurt at all today. I'm just gonna keep avoiding overusing it. I tried to crochet two days ago and made it hurt again... Blah, this is so annoying! There's not K&C Club this weekend cuz the school is locking the Student Center for Labor Day weekend. Phooey on them. But it's okay, because my hubby and I decided last minute we're gonna go somewhere, so it's all good!

Oh, I also signed up for some crochet blog webrings :) I want to find other blogs to look at and have people come visit mine! So far I've been officially accepted into one of them.