Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My new books, etc!

So now I'm gonna show off all of the new books/booklets and magazines I got last weekend! I took some photos of the things that I really want to make. Of course, there are more things. Here is what I got from the flea market:

  • "Ponchos & Parkas" - has 8 patterns; I'm not much of a poncho person, so I don't know if I'll ever use this one; I don't know what year it's from, but it's gotta be the 70s or 80s from the hairstyles
  • "McCall's Needlework & Crafts", Summer 1978 edition - this one it one of my favorites that I got; it has a lot of neat stuff!
  • "Craftworks for Home" August 1992 edition
  • "Crafts", September 1986 edition
  • "Better Homes & Gardens: Needlepoint" - don't know if I'll ever use this one, but who knows?
  • "Paula Vaughan's Rose Garden" - a very cute cross stitch book with flower patterns
  • "Pansies in Profusion" - very pretty cross stitch patterns
  • "Inspiration for Everyday" from the Stoney Creek collection - cross stitch
  • "Noah's Ark for Baby" - really cute baby designs; I might use this one some day!
  • "Sunbonnet Babe" - cross stitch patterns
  • "Think on these Things" - cross stitch booklet with verse-inspired patterns
  • "Cover Your Buns" - cross-stitch designs for cloth napkins
  • "Just CrossStitch", March-April 1985 issue
  • "Just CrossStitch", August 1993 issue
  • a leaflet for an "Old-Fashioned 'Windowpane' Knitted Afghan"
  • "Christmas Cross-Stitch Decorations & Gifts" - 1997 holiday issue of "The Cross Stitcher"
  • "Kitchen Stitchin" - cross stitch & needlepoint designs
  • "Shaker Apple Basket" - cross-stitch pattern
  • "Country & Colonial Stitches: Winter Solstice" - cross-stitch pattern
  • "Colonial Fruit Theorem" - stylized cross-stitch patterns of fruit
  • "United in God's Love" - 11 cross-stitch marriage samplers; I might make some of these
  • "Omnibook of Florals" - an awesome cross-stitch book of flowers

I might be interested in selling some of these, so if you are interested leave me a note and I will contact you.

The things I got from my grandma:

  • "The Workbasket", Aptil 1984 edition
  • "Coats & Clark's: Old & New Favorites" - some gorgeous crochet patterns for table linens and bedspreads; I don't know if I'll ever have the patients to do anything so intricate!
  • "Festive Tatting" - snowflakes and ornaments
  • "Woman's Day Book of American Needlework" by Rose Wilder Lane, 1963 (daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder!) - very awesome, and sure to be useful, book!

So I'm excited. Here are some photos of some of the patterns I want to do:

Cute stuffed toy patterns! :

I love the pink and white dress on the right! :


Jill said...

Wow Jen! All those books/magazines for $2! I love the vintage crochet/knit styles of the 70's! Wait, I was born in '75 - I suppose that makes me vintage too...yikes...lol!
And YAY for grandmothers who held on to their crochet/knitting books!